Your Practical Guide to:
Enabling Effective Teacher Reflection

There is one quality above all others that makes a good teacher: the ability to reflect on why, what, and how they do things, and to adapt and develop.

But teacher reflection is significant not only for teachers. According to research by Professor John Hattie, developing excellence in teaching has the single most powerful influence on student achievement.

When teachers collect information on classroom activity and take the time to analyse, they can identify more than just what worked and what didn’t. They will be able to look at the underlying principles and beliefs that define the way that they work. This kind of self-awareness is a powerful ally for a teacher, especially when so much of what and how they teach can change in the moment.

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  • Demonstrates 6 benefits of practising effective reflection techniques.
  • Provides insight into how effective reflection works in a school setting.
  • Lays out the challenges of teacher reflection and how you can overcome them.
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