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Identifying & Sharing Successful Teaching Practice

Identify and spread effective teaching methods throughout your school.

In every group of teachers, there are always a few who have exceptional results. You know who they are: those amazing educators who achieve outstanding outcomes for their students. But have you identified exactly what makes them so successful? And have you shared their teaching methods with others?

Their outcomes are successful (positive), but uncommon (they deviate from the norm). Within virtually every population of teachers or schools, these “positive deviants” exist.

Positive Deviance Inquiry helps you identify teachers who have solved problems that others, with access to the same resources, have not been able to.

professional development and lifelong learning

Why you should download this practical free guide:

  • Includes research and examples on how Positive Deviance Inquiry has achieved amazing success around the world.
  • Demonstrates the role of technology in Positive Deviance Inquiry.
  • Lays out 6 steps to conducting Positive Deviance Inquiry in your organisation.

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