Leading New Zealand education company, Cognition Education, is delighted to announce they have signed a partnership agreement with IRIS Connect, the UK’s leading video based PLD tool that’s transforming classroom practice. 

The partnership provides Cognition Education exclusive distribution rights throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, and it marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration that will offer IRIS Connect’s cloud-based video professional learning system to educators throughout the region.

Originally developed in the UK, the video based PLD tool enables educators to make unobtrusive recordings of their lessons which are then automatically uploaded to a personalised, secure platform where they can review and reflect collaboratively on the teaching and learning taking place in their classroom.

IRIS Connect has experienced impressive growth across UK and Europe, with 2,300 schools using the transformative professional learning and development tool across 25 countries worldwide.

Through its partnership with Cognition Education, IRIS Connect will provide educators in New Zealand, Australia and across the Pacific access to this rapidly growing global community.

Cognition’s Education Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Ian Ormiston, says ‘Our strategic partnership with IRIS Connect has perfect synergy with our current suite of global educational brands and services and now provides Cognition with access to the latest learning technology that we can proudly offer to educators throughout Asia Pacific.’

Andy Newell, Managing Director of IRIS Connect, adds ‘From our founding in 2008, we have believed that empowered, confident and connected teachers are stronger teachers. While video collaboration has the ability to overcome many of the barriers to effective professional learning, it’s clear that this is only a part of the picture. We are delighted to be breaking new ground by partnering with Cognition Education and look forward to supporting them on their journey.’

For more information about IRIS Connect, our video based PLD platform, connect with us.