Our Core Offer

Video-based professional learning for schools 

IRIS Connect offers tailored packages of video-based professional learning for schools. We work with you to ensure your organisation’s specific objectives are meet.

Professional learning platform

With IRIS Connect you can start an efficient and effective professional learning revolution in your school!

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No matter the size of your organisation, our standard package offers all our customers:


The IRIS Connect secure learning platform

Get individual account access for the IRIS Connect online professional learning platform. Classroom observation videos are encrypted and automatically uploaded to your personal library within our online platform. This provides a personalised and secure space to reflect on, analyse and share teaching and learning recordings. 


Simple to use video technology designed for education

Our state-of-the-art video based professional learning for schools makes classroom observation easy, safe, and time efficient. It includes integrated video technology with 4-way audio, allowing synchronised views of both teaching and learning to be captured, and for educators to engage in remote coaching.


Implementation consultancy and support

    1. Powered by Cognition Education, you have access to our Consultants to support and help develop your objectives. Our free Implementation Program, starting with 4 hours of consultancy support and a workshop, will help you achieve sustainable change. You can also rest assured that all technical support and ongoing updates of the professional learning software and hardware are taken care of.


    Access to expertise when you need it

    Create and join groups worldwide, within your state, or your city. Access peer expertise and teaching tools at the click of a button, tap into and contribute back into the education community. IRIS Connect enables collaborative learning experiences which promotes collective efficacy and leads to high levels of progress and sustained behaviour change. 

    Want more professional learning solutions? 

    Additional support hours are available from our team to help schools reach their objectives and maximise the use of the IRIS Connect platform. 

    Whatever you need, Cognition Education’s consultants are here to help. We can work with you on:

    • Project management / consultancy
    • Support with instructional design
    • Group content curation
    • Train the trainer sessions.

    Contact us to create a customised professional learning package of additional coaching and mentoring that suits your organisation. 

    Professional learning and development tool

    Contact us today for a free quote on our video-based professional development for schools.

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