Reduce isolation. Increase feedback. Revolutionise learning.

Reduce isolation.
Increase feedback.
Revolutionise learning.

IRIS Connect, the cloud-based platform that significantly improves professional learning.

Through classroom observation, effective feedback, coaching and collaboration, IRIS Connect empowers teachers to take control of their professional development. Empowered, connected and confident teachers are stronger teachers, and stronger teachers nurture better outcomes for learners.

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How we transform teaching 

Our secure video-based and cloud platform makes it easy for educators to observe colleagues in action, connect with mentors and peers, reflect on practice and measure the effectiveness of classroom instruction, no matter the location. 

Professional development, anytime, anywhere.

Schools worldwide are leveraging video-based professional learning to gain deeper insights into teaching and learning, and now you can too.

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Our core offer

Tailored packages to meet all schools’ specific professional learning objectives.

Tools for teaching

IRIS Connect in action

Innovative professional learning video software bridges the gap between teaching theory and teaching practice.

Professional learning and development NZ

The Cognition Connection

Effective professional learning to empower & connect educators, supporting teachers to be the best they can be.

Remote collaboration for your school.

Professional learning that works across learning environments, for teachers to continue development, regardless of their location.

PLD tools

With IRIS Connect you can:

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Save time with the latest in professional learning technology. Our video based tool supports teachers with feedback, coaching and classroom observation that can be completed remotely and during busy schedules. 

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Reduce costs with lower investment in relief teacher allocation and travel, as well as higher teacher retention.

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Enhance culture

Enhance organisation culture by democratising professional learning and supporting teachers to take control their learning.

Video based professional development for schools


IRIS Connect provides educators with an effective professional learning program that blends learning activities, which research shows are the most likely to lead to sustained development / change in teaching practice.