Improve teaching through video-enabled reflection and collaboration

Discover the market-leading professional learning solution used by over 85,000 educators worldwide.

IRIS Connect is a video-enabled professional learning platform. It gives teachers the opportunity to record classroom-based teaching and learning using our IRIS Connect App and Discovery Kit, or capture online teaching using integrated screen-capture tools.

All videos are securely transferred to the teacher’s personal, password protected account on our cloud-based platform. From there, teachers can reflect on teaching and learning, analyse practice, add time-stamped comments, edit their videos and – if they want to – share with colleagues, coaches or leaders for feedback.

Empowered, connected and confident teachers are stronger teachers, and stronger teachers nurture better outcomes for learners.

Make teaching and learning visible wherever it’s happening.

Connect your teachers wherever they are, and provide professional learning whenever they need it. Now more than ever we need to develop effective distance working and learning practices. IRIS Connect latest features continue to make collaborative professional learning effective regardless of location.

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How IRIS Connect works:

With IRIS Connect you can:

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Save time with the latest in professional learning technology. Our video-based tool supports teachers with classroom observation, feedback and coaching that can be completed remotely and during busy schedules. 

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Reduce costs with lower investment in relief teacher allocation and travel, as well as higher teacher retention.

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Enhance culture

Enhance organisation culture by democratising professional development and putting teachers in control of their learning.

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IRIS Connect provides educators with an effective professional learning program that blends learning activities that research has shown are the most likely to lead to sustained change / development in teaching practice.

Remote collaboration for your school.

Professional learning that works across learning environments, for teachers to continue development, regardless of their location.

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Improve the outcomes of your teachers and pupils

In this video hear examples of:

A school principal who has made lesson observation cost-effective and available on demand; a coach who can be in multiple classrooms at the same time; a new teacher who’s getting instantaneous feedback on his lesson; an experienced teacher who can reflect on and share her teaching practice with a peer group she feels safe in and students who have made measurable progress through the teachers’ use of IRIS Connect.

These are just a few of the great examples of how our customers are effectively using IRIS Connect to accelerate their learning, improve their teaching and positively impact student outcomes.

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