See Change, Together

Video-Enabled Professional Development For Teachers

See Change, Together

Video-Enabled Professional Development For Teachers

Trusted by 100,000+ Educators in 40+ Countries Worldwide

Trusted by 100,000+ Educators in 40+ Countries Worldwide

IRIS Connect gives teachers the opportunity to record classroom-based teaching and learning using our App and Discovery Kit, or capture online teaching using integrated screen-capture tools.

All videos are securely transferred to the teacher’s personal, password protected account on our cloud-based platform. From there, teachers can reflect on teaching and learning, analyse practice, add time-stamped comments, edit their videos and – if they want to – share with colleagues, coaches or leaders for feedback.

IRIS Connect is so powerful because:

  • It develops effective teacher practice through the sharing of reflections with colleagues and through this stronger professional relationships are established.
  • It shows strong evidence of student progress during interventions because teachers were able to record students at the beginning, during and at the end of the intervention 
  • It develops stronger professional relationships with teachers in schools as PLD providers when teachers share reflections between visits which supports professional growth.
  • It develops deeper reflective practice for teachers where they are looking at their students with a different lens and can often see more of what their students can do and they are able to more critically analyse their teaching.
  • It develops a collaborative environment within a school where teachers become willing to share their practice.
Alison Robinson

Professional Learning and Development consultant

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In this video hear examples of:

A school principal who has made lesson observation cost-effective and available on demand; a coach who can be in multiple classrooms at the same time; a new teacher who’s getting instantaneous feedback on his lesson; an experienced teacher who can reflect on and share her teaching practice with a peer group she feels safe in and students who have made measurable progress through the teachers’ use of IRIS Connect.

These are just a few of the great examples of how our customers are effectively using IRIS Connect to accelerate their learning, improve their teaching and positively impact student outcomes.

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