Supporting Initial Teacher Education
providers with video observation

Video observation technology that’s revolutionising ITE

IRIS Connect is a video-based teacher education platform, purpose-built to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of initial teacher education programmes.

Recent global events and restrictions of movement have meant that ITE supervisors have found it even more difficult to meet with trainees and school-based mentors. The question of how to efficiently support trainees, effectively assess their progress and provide high-quality, contextualised feedback when they are geographically spread on practicums over multiple locations has been brought into sharp focus.  

Using IRIS Connect, we support teacher education providers to make better use of time, reduce travel and lower the cost of programme delivery with video observation technology.

Watch the video below from Andy Newell, Managing Director of IRIS Connect shares solutions to the challenges faced by ITE providers currently and offers a sustainable solution for the future of education technology to support initial teacher training.

“The most significant gain is not only saving 20-40 traveling days per teacher educator but more importantly, it is the feedback received from the student teachers. Those who have used IRIS Connect have reported that the recordings and reflections are significant tools for supporting their professional development.”

Teacher Educator

School of Professional Teacher Education at JAMK University of Applied Sciences

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ITE in the New Normal

With the announcement that schools in New Zealand would be entering a period of lockdown and ‘school-led learning at home’, the beginning teachers we worked with had to rethink their approach to teaching and learning, as well as the skills that this would require. With this, The Mind Lab, as an Initial Education (ITE) Provider, also had to rethink how we would support the beginning teachers we worked with.

Can disruption lead to positive changes in Initial Teacher Education?

“You don’t learn from experience but from reflecting on experiences.”

I know this is to slightly misquote John Dewey, but it is pertinent given the unprecedented experiences we are going through and, I would argue, also the unprecedented opportunities for reflection and positive change in the future. 

Enhanced Teacher Training: Increasing the percentage of real practice filmed

Since using IRIS Connect for various assignments within their teacher training programme, the University of Twente in The Netherlands, has seen the number of student teachers willing to film their practice go from less than 50% to more than 90%.

Developing 21st-century skills whilst saving time and effort

Using IRIS Connect, the School of Professional Teacher Education at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland is supporting student teachers to develop 21st-century skills and saving teacher educators 20-40 days of travelling.

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