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Using video to support Initial Teacher Education (ITE)

One of the most successful ways to keep new teachers is with a structured and sustained training programme. Video makes this easy to do.

New and trainee teachers’ needs are so variable and immediate that the appropriate combination of expertise, experience, knowledge and cultural background is unlikely to reside in ONE mentor or expert member of staff who is available when needed.

Video opens up the world of teaching, allowing new and trainee teachers to access a variety of skills, techniques and expertise with the click of a button. They can also use video to reflect on their own practice and gain an accurate picture of what they are doing and how they can improve.

In this guide, you will learn more about the benefits video can have for trainee teachers during their Initial Teacher Training (ITE) to help them become the best teachers they can be.

professional development and lifelong learning

Why you should download this practical free guide:

  • Lays out 6 ways video helps trainee teachers.
  • Contains first-hand experiences about using video for ITE.
  • Demonstrates 5 ways to use video for a future-focused ITE approach.

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