Your Practical Guide to: Video Coaching Teachers

Accelerate your professional growth with powerful coaching conversations.

According to The Education Hub“Coaches work one-to-one with teachers to provide timely, relevant feedback and suggestions for improvement based on classroom observations. Coaching is differentiated to each teacher’s needs, focused on improving discrete skills, context-specific, time-intensive, and sustained over the course of a term or school year.”

Research shows that coaching leads to a far greater transfer of skills into practice than most other professional learning activities. 

Video steps this up a gear; it helps to focus feedback, increase the quality of coaching conversations, and saves precious time.

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Why you should download this practical free guide:


  • Contains powerful research on the benefits of video coaching for teachers.
  • Explains how you can fit video into your current coaching cycle.
  • Demonstrates 10 areas of coaching you’ll see revolutionised with video.
  • Provides 7 reasons to try live remote coaching and how to make it successful.

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